Every person is unique and each of us learns in our own individual way. Nonetheless, the following sequence is generally agreed to be one that leads to success for the majority of students:


Read the book in advance of the material being covered (lecture will not follow the book word-for-word but will generally following the sequence of sections within a chapter);


Come to lecture prepared to listen and learn, not to be a steno and take notes;


Reread the section(s) of the book after they are covered in lecture;


Work all of the suggested exercises WITHOUT looking at the answers until you are finished each exercise;


Seek help from prof or TA's when you have difficulty with an exercise. You should be aware that this Professor is very unhappy with this textbook, primarily because answers to the "in-chapter" exercises are very short (found at the back of the book). As a consequence, I have taken the time to write much more detailed answers and links to these can be found on the suggested exercises page.